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Chanchao wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 13:51 +0100, Gilles Gravier wrote:
>> Why do you need a LASER printer? Why not an ink jet?
>> Supplies tend to be cheaper for ink jet... and photo rendering is
>> light years better on an ink jet.
>> Do you have a specific need that requires laser rather than ink jet?
> Any kind of business graphics is MUCH better on color laser. Faster,
> bigger trays, and probably lower cost per print when you print a lot.
> Like try printing 50 user manuals on an ink-jet... Ouch!
> Ink-jets are fine for occasionally printing something, and for pictures
> indeed, but around the office?

    Here, here: I can spend $40/month paying for tiny inkwells for a
possibly-smeary inkjet image which runs out of ink when my bank account
does, or I can use my HP4 to shoot out thousands of pages without a
second thought; the kit to replenish the laserjet is about that I'd pay
for a single set of ink carts.

    I threw away about 5-6 inkjet printers about a month ago; they're
the new "Gillette razor" where  they give you the printer and charge
huge prices for ever-shrinking cartridges of ink.  Not any more.  If I
want a nice, snazzy photo print, I'll go pay CVS or WalMart to shoot'em
out for me. (And not have to clean a printer, either.)

    I was lucky to have found this printer for like $50, since
everyone's disregarding the "more expensive" printers.  It's also how I
get my best hardware.  A salvage shop sold me a Dell PowerApp machine,
originally selling for $5900, for just $20; it's a mere Pentium 3.  (Aw:
how much power DOES it take to run today's bots?)


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