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YAGNESH N DESAI ynd at hzw.ltindia.com
Wed Dec 6 03:35:10 UTC 2006

Thank you Berg;
I was trying this at my office. Where (unfortunately) I figured out that 
the m/c I wanted to become proxy server
is not having modem it is using LAN to connect to internet via another
proxy server which is not in my control.
This m/c has only one ethernet connection. Is there a way to make it
a proxy server just wandering.
> > > > 
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On 05/12/06, YAGNESH N DESAI <ynd at hzw.ltindia.com> wrote:
> Friends Sorry for my ignorance;
> I want to setup a proxy server using ubuntu. How do I do that ?
I did that on a vanilla Ubuntu 6.10 server recently.  The process was
simple and straight-forward.  First I installed squid
(http://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/web/squid).  Next I tweaked
squid.conf a little.  The config-file is very self-documenting.  There
were a few things I needed to change, like allowing all users on the
local LAN, min and max size of cached objects and the total size of
the cache on disk.  Nothing complicated.  When tested it worked on the
first go.
Turns out squid starts automatically after a boot, so you can install,
configure and forget about it.
> Also is it possible to do it using live CD . . ?
If you mean "Install a system to harddisk from the live CD and then
add squid", yes it's absolutely possible.  If you mean "run the entire
server with squid off a live CD" I doubt it.  At least I guess you
will have to remaster a live CD for this.

Good luck,
Bj?rn Ingmar Berg

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