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Tod Merley todbot88 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 21:10:02 UTC 2006

On 12/5/06, wandoo abbas <wandoolion at yahoo.com> wrote:
> hi there,
>  i'm a new user of linux and i thought of trying one of the linux-based
> OS's.so,i ordered free shipit ubuntu  CDs(ubuntu ver.6.06 LTS-dapper
> drake,desktop version) and i've just got them a week ago.but alas,i was
> forbidden the linux experience by an error message saying
> "no screen found".i don't know what to do.if you know a solution,please
> help.
>  this is what happened in detail.i inserted the CD and the ubuntu
> installation menu appeared.as you know,there are two options:the "start or
> install ubuntu" and the "start ubuntu in graphics mode" options.when
> choosing the first option,it started loading files and then opened a black
> screen with two white cursors alittle apart from each other.i touched every
> key plus ctrl+alt+F1 but nothing happened.then i restarted the computer and
> tried the second option.the same loading as the first one and then a blue
> screen with a message appears saying that "the xserxer is not correctly
> configured" and asking me if i want to view the logfile.when i
> accept,another screen appears which says at the end  "no screen found".i
> think the problem is with the monitor since it is plug and play.if you have
> experienced the same difficulty and know a way out of it,write me at:
>   wandoolion at yahoo.com
>  thanks,
> my computer hardware description is:
>  processor=INTEL celeron cpu 1.70GHZ
>  memory=128MB
>  video card(display adapter)=intel 82845G Graphics controller
>    DAC type=internal
>    memory size=32mb
>    adapter string=intel 82845G/GL graphics controller
>    BIOS information=intel video BIOS
>  monitor=screen refresh rate:60hz
>         =ACTION 15" svga color monitor
>         =windows xp considers it a (standard type monitor)
>         =highest resolution supported:800x600
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Hi wandoo abbas!

I wish I had a Ubuntu computer close by but alas not here.

Your instincts are probably good, probably the x-configuration for
your monitor and possibly display card are not good.

The critical files to look at are:





Good to do a "man xorg.conf".

You could access these from the rescue mode of the live disk.

Probably good to do in your case is to DL Puppy Linux and perhaps
Knoppix.  Both are pretty good with hardware and a bit of copy and
paste my be all that is needed to repair your xorg.conf file.

Google is our friend!

Good Hunting!


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