Evolution with IMAP and HTML Outlook emails: format lost

Javier Arregui jarregui at safa.es
Tue Dec 5 12:40:06 UTC 2006


I'm not able to correctly see within Evolution any HTML-formatted
message generated from Outlook, stored in an Exchange server, and
retrieved with the IMAP protocol. It always shows them as text messages.
I've dumped the traffic with ethereal and I see that my laptop receives
the mail as text, not as HTML; I can see in the dump "content:
text/plain" and no html markup at all, but pure ascii text. 

I don't know where the problem is. I've done the following test:
* Generate an HTML message from Evolution to my own account in Exchange.
* Receive this message in Evolution: the format is Ok, and I can see
"content-type: multipart/alternative" and "content-type: text/html" in
the traffic dump. So, evolution is able to receive html messages from
the Exchange server using IMAP.
* Reply that message from within Outlook to my own account again.
* Receive that new email in Evolution: format is, again, text.

I've reproduced the same effect with POP, and I cannot use the exchange
plugin as the Exchange version is 5.5, which is not supported. So, I
don't know any workaround to the problem.

Any hint?



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