Partition size problem

Garry Knight garryknight at
Tue Dec 5 00:44:54 UTC 2006

Before I installed Ubuntu recently, I used the Suse partitioner to remove my
hda8 and resize hda7 before recreating hda8. Suse is on hda7 and Ubuntu is
now on hda8. (I used the Suse partitioner because that's what I already had

When I boot into Ubuntu, I get the following messages:

/dev/hda7: The filesystem size (according to the superblock) is 3933916
The physical size of the device is 3933909 blocks.
Either the superblock or the partition is likely to be corrupt!

I tried running a manual fsck as suggested but the problem remains. And if
the superblock doesn't reflect the actual size of the disk, presumably
neither will the copies.

Does anyone know the best way to fix this?

Garry Knight
garryknight at

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