nm-applet / Gnome Network Manager: How to stop it from connecting to networks I don't want

ben darby ben at cvrse.com
Mon Dec 4 22:39:31 UTC 2006

* Chanchao wrote:
> Can anyone explain what the relation is between nm-applet (Gnome Network
> Manager) and "Network Monitor" ?  Both are panel applets and they seem
> to overlap and interfere with each other.

network monitor shows the status of the interfaces configured in
/etc/network/interfaces and allows you to modify them, network manager
deals with the interfaces NOT configured in that file.

> nm-applet does a GREAT job connecting to wireless networks.  In fact it
> works TOO good.. it also connects to any random wireless access point
> that's unencrypted, and then configures DNS for me, taking it away from
> my regular office fixed LAN network.   I don't want it to do that!
> I only want it to connect to my home wifi network when I'm at home, and
> leave me alone when I'm at the office and using the regular LAN.

does your office LAN use DHCP or require you to have a static IP? if its
DHCP you just need to remove/comment the lines from your interfaces file that 
refer to your nic and once you plug into the LAN it'll automatically choose
the fixed over wireless and connect to your office LAN. 
if your office is using static IP's then you'll have to configure the wired
NIC manually and then just disable wireless (right click nm-applet uncheck
enable wireless) when your in the office.
ben darby
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