wifi-radar / wireless pls

Richard cms01 at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Dec 2 23:12:32 UTC 2006

well, I do have a wireless connection working, using dhcp,
and NO wep

Network setting for wireless card:
essid: linksys
wifi-radar see the connection, and connect automatic.. good.
plus it see a near by connection as well. ( not mine )
NOW the problem
when I turn on the wep in the linksys router, using 128bit encryption
(lets say password: blueberry ) there are generated key codes
key one: 123d3d3d698s87d7d555.....(etc)

I have tried both ways, password and key one code to access the network,
via wifi-radar.

I try putting the password into the Network Setting (xubuntu),
nope, so no matter which way I go, the connection via wifi-radar can't 
pull a ip address, with wep security turn on.
There no doc on what to put what where ??? :-(

So, anyone that can help to connect the two, networking setting and 
wifi-radar using
wep.... please do. :-)

Major Thanks-

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