Linux read/write access to NTFS partition

Steve Jeppesen ampster40 at
Sat Dec 2 14:41:20 UTC 2006

On Sat, 02 Dec 2006 07:35:21 -0500
Scott wrote:

> Constantine Evans wrote:
> > You might also be quite interested in Ext2 IFS, located at
> >, that allows Windows to access Ext2 drives.
> I have tried this before and even thought I am not completely sure,
> the Ext2 IFS may have corrupted my Kubuntu partition; to the point
> where a re-install of Kubuntu was needed.  It was corrupted on both
> my desktop and laptop which both where using the driver.  Since then,
> I have stopped using the windows driver and never had the same problem

I too do not recommend any utility such as this - think about it - how
many flipping times does M$ windows crash?  

Well guess what happened every time it crashed on me, and had my Linux
partitions mounted as a "drive letter"...

that meant every time I booted into Linux after a fat32 crash, fsck had
to run to fix the linux partitions.  I was lucky enough not to hose my
SUSE 10 install, unlike Scott's luck (ducks and covers - hey I'm still
searching out an M$ SUSE 10 replacement!)

After a couple of months of that, I finally uninstalled whatever the
name was of that program that allowed me to have access to my Linux
partitions thru Windows.

Also, think about this, the files on your Linux partitions (while Linux
is running) are safe and secure behind a secure OS.  While Windblows is
running - just how good is the MS security on the same files on your
Linux partition?  I don't know for sure, but I bet they don't have any
security protecting them.   I was able to write to, and delete files
off my Linux partitions thru Windows.

Maybe there was some settings to prevent that - I do not know.  But
just having the crashes and the constant fsck'ing up my partitions
ticked me off.

to each their own they always say...

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