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Fri Dec 1 22:50:24 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 09:23:47 +0530
> "YAGNESH N DESAI" <ynd at> wrote:
>> Sorry I can not help but once you install 
>> the alternative CD do let me know if it 
>> installs in text mode or its also a live CD. 
> The alternative CD is a text mode installer based on the Debian installer.
>> As on the older P1 m/c that I have Live CD 
>> does not work due to resource limitaitons. 
> On a P1 I would suggest trying the Xubuntu
> version, for example one of those under "Alternative" on this page (or a
> mirror site of it)
> This is the Dapper version, of course - the Edgy version is also
> available
> Depending on the age, speed and RAM of a P1, you may find that even these
> are not possible, in which case you would need to install using the
> "server" or text option on the CD, then installing lighter packages -
> assuming you need X and a window manager.
> Peter

I have an 8 year old PII 450mhz laptop with 256mb of PC100 ram that
I use when I'm in the field. Xubuntu works really well in it, to the 
extent that I have just brought up a VMWare 10gb WinME virtual. The 
XFCE desktop is quite functional and full-featured for a "slim" GUI 
front-end. Not bad at all!
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