When do you turn off your Ubuntu boxes?

norman norman at littletank.org
Fri Dec 1 10:15:08 UTC 2006

> > I leave my box on most of the time. It is probably because I believe
> > that there is more strain on components with switching on and off rather
> > than running constantly. 
> I don't really believe that.  I think the components that are most
> likely to wear are the mechanical ones: drives and fans.  Those wear out
> with every spin. 

< snip >

You must understand that I am quite ancient and my memory goes back to
the days before transistors were invented. We used 'valves' or 'tubes'
and these lasted much longer by being left on permanently. Also I
suspect that the quality of resistors, capacitors etc was no where near
as good as those used today.


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