Start Up Programs - ones that require password

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Fri Dec 1 05:34:07 UTC 2006

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 21:09:26 -0600
Wade Smart <wade at> wrote:

> 11302006 2108 GMT-6
> I want firestarter to start at boot but it requires a password to be
> entered. How do you set that up in Sessions?

You don't need to. Firestarter is just a front-end useful for monitoring
and/or configuration. You will find that the firewall starts on boot - so
it is already working anyway.

I think you will see a start-up script


which is what starts it by default.

In other words, firestarter initialises your iptables as root during  the
boot process. If you want the GUI to start on login, I think you would
need to do some fiddling in /etc/sudoers to make it possible. Personally
I doubt that this is worth it, but you might disagree ...

"man sudoers" has some information about enabling individual apps to run
without a password as root, if you think it's important.
The entry would be something like

 ray    rushmore = NOPASSWD:  /usr/bin/firestarter

where "rushmore" is the hostname of the machine, and "ray" is the user name
(this is quoted more or less verbatim from the man page )


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