When do you turn off your Ubuntu boxes?

Lorenzo Taylor lorenzo at taylor.homelinux.net
Fri Dec 1 04:24:36 UTC 2006

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According to Chanchao:
# Out of interest, what do you use for the mail server? Postfix?  In
# secure SSL mode I presume?

At the moment I'm actually using exim4 with sa-exim to reject spam.  No
encryption is necessary because I do everything on localhost.  No need
to connect to a remote box for anything mail related.  MUA and MTA are
all on the same box.  And as I understand it, SSL only works if both
ends are able to use it, so I don't think it would be possible to have
incoming mail or mail that is sent out encrypted.  Someone correct me if
I'm wrong and I will solve that problem as well.  I didn't think there
was much that could be done to secure mail on the way out other than
encrypting via GPG, and that assumes the other person has a public key.
I really didn't think there was much that could be done to secure
anything coming in either unless I know all other servers that would be
sending me mail were capable of SSL encryption or unless the sender
happens to have my public GPG key and encrypts the message.  Again I
stand to be corrected and would in fact like to be wrong about this one.

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