Doesn't Linux have a decent usenet reader?

Robert E. Butts himco2 at
Sun Aug 13 00:23:34 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-08-13 at 06:34 +1000, ruscook wrote:
> Did you try Evolution's usenet feature? 

I have and it looks fine for the text-only newsgroups.  It might be
serviceable for binaries in a pinch, but not for everyday use.  I
haven't done any of the advanced stuff like filters yet, and there are
some features I have no clue what they do (Convert to Task?).  I'd like
to be able to do multiple identities for each server, and I'd like to be
able to search all message bodies for text.  Those seem to be the only
features I miss right now.  Thanks for this tip.  I like Evolution, and
if it works as a Usenet news reader, I'll like it a lot more.  

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