The logs kept piling up, so...

Lea Gris lea.gris at
Sun Apr 30 15:32:46 UTC 2006

Chanchao a écrit :
> I noticed all the crap piling up in /var/log and /var/cache pretty much
> uncontrolled, so I did a ' sudo rm -r /var/log/* '  but it turns out a
> lot of packages don't like this at all and are unable to recreate their
> own logs!  I fixed it for apache2, but mysql I'll probably have to
> reinstall as it keeps giving me errors when starting mysqld, even though
> I did recreate a 'mysql' folder in /var/log
> Is there a better way to stop logs from piling up and suffocating
> everything?

man syslog.conf

Try adding something more suitable for your needs. Though I can't
recommand discarding every logs because you will dream to find some clue
in them when something goes wrong.

Depite that. A cron job perform log archiving and rotation each night so
it won't fill your /var/log forever.

If you have another host. You can as well transfer logs to a remote syslog.

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