/etc/mailname and cron

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Sun Apr 30 10:35:01 UTC 2006


tony B wrote:

>>I think I suggested earlier that you try mailing root and checking the
>>postfix logs. They are in /var/log/mail.log and /var/log/mail.err. Both
>>these files may give you a clue about what is happening to mail to root.
> Yes, I thought I responded to that, but apparently didn't.  The root
> gets sent to the isp root account.  Log entries:

If you did, I may have missed it!

> Apr 22 07:35:46 aurora postfix/qmgr[4769]: 63F196D:
> from=<root at netins.net>, size=487, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
> Apr 22 07:35:46 aurora postfix/smtp[31721]: 63F196D:
> to=<root at netins.net>, orig_to=<root>,
> relay=mx.netins.net[], delay=0, status=sent (250 921989121
> message accepted for delivery)
> Apr 22 07:35:46 aurora postfix/qmgr[4769]: 63F196D: removed

OK, this tells me that mail to root is trying to be delivered to
root at netins.net and that your system thinks this address is not local
and hence sends it via your ISP's mail router, mx.netins.net.

Firstly, I think /etc/mailname should contain aurora.netins.net. I think
at present it just contains netins.net.

Secondly, hte postfix config file needs to use this name as its local
host name so it know to deliver locally. Or you could configure it so
postfix does not appeand any domain at all by setting

append_dot_mydomain = no

in /etc/postfix/main.cf. If you don't really want to send mail to/from
anywhere but your own machine, then this may be simplest.

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