Write an audio CD

Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Sat Apr 29 11:10:40 UTC 2006

Tony Arnold wrote:
>>Thanks. I didn't think of Serpentine.
> Also take a look at rhythmbox, it will burn an audio CD from your
> playlist (which was gently pointed out to me on this list not so long ago!).
> Other tools to do this include graveman and gnomebaker.

Grrr... Serpentine doesn't work at all. The thing is just broken I tell 
you. I try to burn, it says "preparing image", and a few hours later it 
still says "preparing image". The progress bar doesn't move an inch. And 
the light on the CD drive doesn't even turn on.

I think they should just remove Serpentine from the distribution. It's 
worse than useless, because it also wastes your time and frustrates the 

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