Is there any bookmark management software in ubuntu?

Tobias Baldauf robin.goodfellow at
Sat Apr 29 11:07:29 UTC 2006 basically does the same thing. It's called 'social
bookmarking'. You can use the bookmarks that others found useful
concerning a certain topic.

Yet, there are some bookmarks that you wouldn't want the public to see
on your account. Everybody has them. For these, there is no perfect
solution right now. Firefox 2.0 was supposed to come with a
bookmark-database for a great possibility to manage your bookmarks &
have full control & great search- and grouping-possibilites.
But the Mozilla-Crew has now posponed that feature to Firefox 3.0
because the team working on the database needed more time.

The possibility to have a great, sorted database of bookmarks offline
will have to wait another year or two.



Peter Hummers schrieb:
> On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 16:34:17 +0100
> ubuntu-users-request at wrote:
>> I found that i have too many bookmarks what needed to manage in my bookmarks
>> store of firefox. And it's a bit hard to find a link in the bookmarks tree
>> now. I wonder there is any bookmarks management software in linux?
>> And if not, anyone could give me a hand to explain how could i manage so
>> many bookmarks or any other method to solve this problem.
>> Every reply is appecicated.
>> wang.
> I use online bookmarks at -- you can organize them with tags (topics -- each bookmarks can have multiple topics) and search them, and keep them private if you want. Best, you can access them from any computer. Free service. You can also import your existing bookmarks from Firefox (and most browsers).

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