Wireless WPA Integration

Jean Hollis Weber jean-ooo at taming-openoffice-org.com
Sat Apr 29 05:39:28 UTC 2006

Daniel Robitaille wrote:

> wpa supplicant is integrated directly into network-manager in Dapper. I 
> use it on my laptop for my WPA connection, and for me it works out
> of the box once I install network-manager.

I am *so glad* to hear that! I have not had the energy to try to 
set up wpasupplicant on Breezy (and it's not urgent, since I have 
ethernet access at home), so I have been hoping that the next 
release would have it built in.

I am really looking forward to Dapper. Now if I could just solve 
the dual-screen problem, and a few other things that I don't have 
the time and energy to pursue right now, I would be a very happy 

Cheers, Jean

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