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On Fri, 2006-28-04 at 17:35 +0200, Alan McKinnon wrote:

> Reminds me of a story of /. a while back - some linguist had spent 
> 2000 man hours writing a Windows program that would count how many 
> English words could be properly spelled using full element names in 
> the periodic table as letters. 2000 hours! It was all terribly 
> complicated and confusing, and took several hours to run

> Then some /. fanboy used /usr/share/dict/words and a perl one-liner to 
> do the same thing in 3.5 seconds

And, naturally, Perl isn't available under Windows.  And the words file
is in such a bizarre and obscure format that it can't be used under
Windows.  And certainly isn't available from about a billion different

If you're going to critique a platform, how about not making shit up?

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