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William Grant tanarrifujitsu at optusnet.com.au
Fri Apr 28 23:50:25 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 22:00 +0100, Daniel Carrera wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to figure out how to write an audio CD from Nautilus. I know 
> I could download another program and use it, but I feel I should be able 
> to do this from Nautilus and if I can't it's a bug. I know that Nautilus 
> is theoretically capable of doing this and it frustrates me that I can't 
> find a way to do it because the whole point of Nautilus/Gnome is to make 
> these things easy. If I can't do it, inexeprienced user can't either.
> Does anyone know how to create an *audio* CD from Nautilus?

Nautilus, being a file manager, doesn't do audio CDs. Serpentine,
however, does, and is included by default in Ubuntu installations.

> Thank you for your help.
> Best,
> Daniel.

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