/etc/mailname and cron

tony B tandj at netins.net
Fri Apr 28 14:04:20 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 11:47 -0300, Derek Broughton wrote:
> It's _supposed_ to be a valid domain, such that anything that gets sent to
> it routes back to you - if you don't actually have a valid domain, you
> probably shouldn't be running an SMTP server (at least one with connections
> to the outside world), but rather using your ISPs server.

> The really important thing, though, is that your SMTP server not be
> configured to send anything addressed to the local domain out to the wide
> world.

Well, I didn't know I was running an SMTP server. :)  All (I think) I
did was setup evolution mail by entering info requested when I first ran
evolution mail.  What it set up I do not know.  When I look at the mail
preferences, all it shows is my netins.net mail account, so I thought I
*was* using my ISP's mail server.

The mail that gets sent from me to them is generated when the monthly
cron job ran and produced some output.  Cron generated that mail, and
evidently used the info in /etc/mailname to generate the address.
Perhaps that file gets setup during install, and I responded
inappropriately to something during installation?

In any event, I'm out of my depth here, and I'm not sure (1) how I got
my mail misconfigured and (2) what I need to do next.  As I said, I have
minimal experience with mail other than using it.  I'm not opposed to
spending the time learning more about mail, but I all I really wanted to
do was setup my account to get mail.  Since no one else seems to be
having this problem I have doubtless made an erroneous response
somewhere along the line.

Thanks for the response, Derek.  And I was tardy in my follow-up because
I was out of town yesterday.


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