AMD Dual Core CPU's

ironblade ulist at
Fri Apr 28 12:09:52 UTC 2006

Geoff Purchase Wrote: 

> Booting into the normal AMD64 kernel works fine, but when I boot into
> the SMP kernel I lose my wireless network.  I'm still too new to linux
> to work out why.


You are not alone.

It's really odd: the -AMD64-k8-smp kernel not only doesn't seem to have
a driver for my wifi

(which the regular AMD64-generic kernel does have), but if I try to
activate the card,

the machine freezes up to the point where I have to press the reset

So for now, I'll stick with only utilising the processor as a single
core.. I'll try again when Dapper is released.

Anyone else see this, and have a solution?

My wifi card is a Gigabyte one (free with my motherboard!)


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