Powernowd & Centrino Core Duo

C Hamel yogich at sc2000.net
Fri Apr 28 04:12:53 UTC 2006

On Thursday 27 April 2006 17:32, Joan Tur wrote:
> Es Dijous, 27 de Abril de 2006 22:40, en C Hamel va escriure:
> | On Thursday 27 April 2006 07:43, wescb wrote:
> | > Thanks Joan, that did stop the scaling error from appearing. And now
> | > the CPU runs (properly?) at full speed when plugged into AC and then
> | > scales both cores when on battery. This also stopped my fan from
> | > running constantly.
> |
> | May insinuate myself into this thread & ask a question...?  Was your fan
> | running on hi, or was it just constantly running on low?  Mine is doing
> | the latter, and I noted that the module Joan suggests is not in my
> | /etc/modules.
> Cpu fans depend heavily on the manufacturer's design, and you can sometimes
> control the temperature it starts to blow through acpi.  Have a look at the
> page about linux on my laptop (mine's a dothan processor) here:
> http://www.cancullet.org/benqjb7000/BenqJB7000_linux.html#optimizing
> Note that the speedstep-centrino module should be loaded by hotplug/udev;
> adding that line to /etc/modules is the way to force the system to load the
> centrino speedstep support module.
> | I'm running an HP notebook (ze5570) and when the electric went out a
> | couple nights ago I noted in the logs that the box apparently didn't do
> | an orderly shutdown when power ran out.  I am wondering if all this might
> | be related??
> In my oppinion that's not relevant, unless you see the same behaviour in
> windows...
> Good luck  ;)
Thanks for the pointers & URL.  Since I have never run down the battery on 
Windows I do not know if it is the same or different.  Perhaps it'd be worth 
trying to find out.
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