Upgrade: Breezy to Dapper

gerhard ggrubbish at web.de
Thu Apr 27 17:48:22 UTC 2006

Am Donnerstag, 27. April 2006 04:52 schrieb LinuxMurah.com:
> Yes, I'm affraid my nightmare happen again. When I upgrade from Hoary
> to Breezy, all looks same only number of version changed. nothing
> special. but when I install breezy (clean install) I got all breezy
> feature, artwork, etc.
I did a `gksudo "update-manager -d"` to upgrade my breezy to dapper, 
since the update-manager in breezy is now capable to upgrade to dapper 
and needs testing.

It looks almost the same, like hoary or breezy before. I'm wondering 
what exciting new features and eyecandy of dapper (and of breezy before 
this upgrade?) I'm missing now.
Some icons changed, the splash screen of course, and the programs are 
comming in their newer verions, though.

Is there a meta-package for dappers new features?

Kind regards

Gerhard Gaußling


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