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Thu Apr 27 16:37:59 UTC 2006

On 4/27/06, Daniel Carrera <daniel.carrera at> wrote:
> bill biggs wrote:
> > I hope the user do not get mad of this email
> > Microsoft sneaks out piracy detection software Microsoft has included
> > software in its latest batch of updates for Windows that checks whether
> > copies of the operating ...
> > This is one reason I do not like windows
> I've been wondering how Microsoft can figure out that a copy of Windows
> or MS Office is pirated.
> Cheers,
> Daniel.
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Not being a big user of Microsoft I don't know for 100% certain.  However,
you have to enter a Product Key to activate those products.  I'm sure there
is some phoning home involved, so if they see 100s of different installs
using the same Key they can assume it is a pirated copy.  Whether they act
upon that information or not probably depends.

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