Workspace auto-switching...

Gary W. Swearingen garys at
Thu Apr 27 16:35:21 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at> writes:

> I would guess FVWM does this or something like it too. [It does everything
> else, with much hacking of config files, it would seem ;-) ]

IIRC, my fvwm2 had it and I never added anything to config for it.

I never used it, except by accident when I cursed it.  I either
clicked the page buttons or more often switched with custom kp1, kp3,
kp7, kp9 keys.  (I gave each desktop a different color, with red for
my "root" desktop.)

I try (half-heartedly) to keep my windows a couple of pixels away from
the edge so I can more quickly activate root window pointer functions.
I'd like a window manager that enforces the policy.  I was pleased to
see Ubuntu's default WM didn't allows windows to pass its upper panel,
but thought it strange it had a different policy for the other panel.

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