Filesystem errors !! How to fix ???

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Apr 27 13:50:32 UTC 2006

Reon Toerien wrote:

> Ubuntu detects that the /home filesystem is corrupted at every single
> boot. It does it's little scan, seems to fix it but a few mins into me
> using kubuntu I start getting error msg that i cannot write to /home.
> I reboot and the process repeats itself over again in a endless cycle.

Your problem is on the journal file, so if you mount as ext2, rather than
ext3, it should stay mounted as read/write (unless you've got more problems
than we've seen).

Then try moving the journal (it's a long time since I used ext3, but I'm
pretty sure there are options for that) and remount it as ext3.

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