Upgrading from Breezy to Dapper beta

David M lists2006 at viewport.ukfsn.org
Thu Apr 27 00:48:24 UTC 2006

David M wrote in gmane.linux.ubuntu.user 
 about: Upgrading from Breezy to Dapper beta 

[update-manager, from Breezy, only upgrading kernel + a few other things]

> Is this OK? Am I right in thinking that the update-manager is doing the
> minimum it needs to in order to upgrade itself, and then, afterwards,
> I'll need to run it again in order to actually dist-upgrade?
> And it'll take care automatically of all changes needed to
> /etc/apt/sources.list and I won't have to update it myself?
> (I've never used the update-manager before, always apt-get)

Feeling experimental, I went ahead anyway ;-)

Sure enough, the update-manager first does the minimum it needs to
upgrade itself to be able to carry out the dist-upgrade.

Having successfully installed the new kernel (etc), I rebooted because
something at the back of my mind told me it would be a Really Good Idea to 
do so, having installed a new kernel (better safe than sorry, I figured?).

After rebooting, I then ran the update-manager again. Sure enough, it
discovered the Dapper beta release, and asked me if I wanted to upgrade.

Here goes..

Currently downloading files, and it's all looking slick so far. :)

Just one comment, though.
The progress window includes a line "Modifying the software channels".
Ugh. This sounds like manglement-speak! ;-(

I'm presuming that what it *really* means is:
"Updating software package list information"?

Could I perhaps suggest that this wording might be changed for the final 
release? Modifying is a rather meaningless word, as it can be used to 
mean *so many* different things that without any further explanation, 
what it might be intended to mean in the context is meaningless and can 
seem threatening.

I can just imagine a novice user thinking: 
"Modifying? Modifying? What's my computer changing? What's it doing? Is
it supposed to be _modifying_ that? <panic, panic>"

It's an unnecessarily worrying word when I think "Updating" not only is
closer to the truth, but also gives a more positive connotation that the
change is _intended_ to happen and is a Good Thing, nothing to worry

Also, "software channels" (especially 'channels') really does sound like
barf-inducing microsoftese.. ;-S

Please excuse this minor criticism, I just thought I'd mention it as
(all going well) I guess I'll be twiddling my thumbs for the next hour 
or so ;-)

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