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What happen when the error start is when I was trying to run apt-get in a 
termal window .But then when I close the window then if I try to open the 
packet manger I get the error . I reboot and it still there any ides ?
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> Chanchao wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 07:31 +0800, Michael T. Richter wrote:
>>> Sounds to me, then, like a better system has to be put into place to
>>> handle the lock file, doesn't it?  (That would be one of the core
>>> tenets of good user interface design: if an error is commonplace, fix
>>> the user interface to either render it impossible or render it not an
>>> error.)
>> Well, I think a slight tweak in the error message wording would be
>> enough. It's obviously an 'error' in the sense that Synaptic can't
>> continue at this point.  Perhaps just add to the error message that also
>> the 'Add/Remove programs' tool AND the automatic updates thingy count as
>> package management applications.
>> Or, slightly better, let Synaptic report exactly what package manager is
>> running that prevents it from starting up.
> For once I have to agree with Michael.  One of the problems I always had
> with synaptic is its need for a lock when it's not actually doing any
> updates.  kpackage never had this problem - it lets apt-get handle the
> locking when you actually try to install or remove packages.  Since
> Synaptic's only value to me has ever been as a package browser (I do my
> installs with aptitude at the command line), locking as soon as you start
> synaptic is annoying at best.
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