Change Directory with two dots (cd..)

tony B tandj at
Wed Apr 26 13:39:47 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 13:28 +0100, jazzmuzik wrote:


> Ha! Never knew that. Just tried it and it works. Now if I can just
> remember it.

if you like that you might also enjoy pushd and popd.  just enter 'help
pushd' or 'help popd' at the command prompt for details.

it keeps your directories in a stack, and you can switch between any of


cd		# at your home dir
pushd /etc	# at /etc
pushd /var	# at /var
pushd		# at /etc
pushd		# back to /var
pushd +2	# at home

the dir stack is printed after each pushd.  and popd is used to remove
directories from the dir stack.

Handy, I think.


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