Tracking a package on debian sit

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Apr 26 13:23:12 UTC 2006

Paolo Ciarrocchi wrote:

> On 4/26/06, Jhair Tocancipa Triana <jhair_tocancipa at> wrote:
>> "Paolo Ciarrocchi" <paolo.ciarrocchi at> writes:
>> > Hi all,
>> > is it possible to get a package from debian sit,
>> Debian SID?
> yes, sorry.
>> > and keep it updated, via synaptic/apt-get?
>> Mixing Debian and Ubuntu packages is not recommended. Which package
>> are you trying to update?
> I know but it's a "isolated" package, I want to update git-core, the
> version in ubuntu dapper is stuck at beginning of January.

Yes, it's possible.  Look into apt "pinning" (don't even think about doing
it without pinning, or you'll start picking up unwanted packages from the
wrong distribution).  I used to use this for a couple of specific packages.

Here's a specific /etc/apt/preferences:

  Package: mambo
  Pin: release a=experimental
  Pin-Priority: 550

  Package: *
  Pin: release a=experimental
  Pin-Priority: -1

This allowed me to point sources.list at debian experimental and get _just_
mambo - because everything else is pinned to priority -1, it can't be
retrieved at all.

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