manutd ulist at
Tue Apr 25 18:43:18 UTC 2006

I have a PokerStars question...

I've just finally installed Wine. *I think*:-k 

So to find out for sure I downloaded PokerStars, and installed it!
Seemed to work OK! 

I opened it up usuing -

wine "C:/Program Files/PokerStars/Pokerstarsupdate.exe" (something like

It starts fine, but when I go into a table or into a tournament, after
about 1-2minutes the "main menu screen" looks like it shrinkes! 

When I leave the table and try to make the original window big it won't
let me! I have to shut it down and load it up again just to change

Also if my screensaver comes up when PokerStars is open, the computer
completely freezes up! Then I have to pull the bloody plug which makes
me cringe everytime I do it! 

"I think it's cause windows always gave me hell about doing it like

So does anyone know if it's Wine that is doing this or the program

I felt I had some problems installing wine, so it could be bugs?? I
don't know! 

Also, how does your OS get effected everytime u push the button to turn
it off?? 

It it like windows and has to go and fix itself??? 

Or is it not really that bad (u just loose unsaved data)????? :???:


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