possible 2 have kclock.kss screensaver in dapper gnome?

David Armour d.f.armour at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 25 18:03:07 UTC 2006


... been reading the screensaver help file to little avail. [1]

i used to have a kde clock screensaver (kclock.kss) that i liked. since 
switching to ubuntu, and since upgrading to dapper this past weekend, 
i've missed that quite useful utility. is there a way to get it to run 
in gnome, i.e. without switching to kubuntu? it's pretty much the only 
thing i miss from kde, actually!

2nd question: the gnome-screensaver doesn't seem to retain a way to turn 
off the power-management function (?), that is,  when the screensaver 
timer runs out, the monitor displays a warning that persists on screen. 
in kde the trick involved turning of the power management. what's gnome's?

[1] Set session as idle after ... minutes

    If GNOME receives no input from you for this length of time (such as moving the mouse or typing), the computer is set as idle. This may affect power management (the monitor may power down for example) or instant messaging (chat applications may set your status as "away"). Use the slider to set the length of time in minutes.

Activate the screensaver when session is idle

    Select this option to have the screensaver start after the set length of time. To stop the screensaver and return to the desktop, move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard.

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