Dapper upgrade fails

Eversmann ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Apr 25 13:29:40 UTC 2006

Ok, got it working like it was before (still having some problems with
the wifi, ndiswrapper and that stuff).

The problem was with the kernel, i booted with 2.6.12, and reinstalled
base package (cp, mv, etc..) because it was corrupted. (when i run cp i
got: cannot execute binary file)

Then uninstalled completly all the kernels but 2.6.12,and then install
2.6.15-21 again.

After that, i had some problems with HAL, so reinstalled the packages

then run update-manager -d and put the system in up-to-date state.

right now the system is working again. 

I think my system got broken somehow because i tried to use pcmcia.
What i did was insert a pccard and then do a sudo lshw. The notebook
hanged and after the reboot i had the problem.

Hope it helps.


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