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>I wanted to let you know that there is another Ubuntu book in the
>works, this one specifically focused on Ubuntu for desktop users. I'm
>tentatively titling this "Desktop Linux with Ubuntu", and it will be
>published by Manning Press ( later this year
>(hopefully post-Dapper but pre-Eft).
>I have a Wiki up with the working table of contents at
> I do some occaisional
>blogging on Ubuntu, Linux, and open source at
>It would be great to have some thoughtful feedback on this,
>particularly in several areas:
>- common installation or upgrade problems people have experienced;
>- common issues with device/peripherals support people have experienced;
>- general thoughts on who the real target audience is for desktop
>Linux in general, and Ubuntu as a desktop solution in particular.

If the book is aimed at newbies I suggest that there are two things that 
need to be covered early in the book. The first is the perennial "which 
is the best distro" debate, and the other is Gnome vs KDE vs other 
window managers. It looks as if you expect to cover both of these 
questions, but I think the newbie should be able to find a reference to 
those questions while browsing in a bookstore. That means that the 
questions have to be dealt with on the cover, in the introduction, or in 
some place clearly mentioned in the index.

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