Second monitor not displaying as clone

Jean Hollis Weber jean-ooo at
Tue Apr 25 01:54:47 UTC 2006

James Gray wrote:
> ... I agree with Antony - 
> leaving this i810switch in the startup will probably complicate matters.  
> Leave it out for the time being. 

Okay, I have taken it out.

> Let's just focus our efforts on getting you 
> a spanning (Xinerama) desktop.
> [...]
> We now know that you setup will support a second monitor and the 
> hardware is all good (monitors, cables, interfaces etc).  So we need to set 
> up the xorg.conf file so that it supports two monitors and a spanning desktop 
> for you.
> How did you go adapting those other config files I sent you the links for?

I adapted one (don't recall if it was one of those, or one that 
someone else had suggested) and tested it. As reported in a 
previous note (in response to someone else), the changes caused 
no problems but did not result in a spanning desktop. At that 
time I posted to the list the xorg.conf file I used, but I think 
I still need to post the log.

Then aqua suggested another change, which I tried; X failed to 
start with that change in the file. I will post the xorg.conf I 
used, and the log of that attempt, in response to that note. 
However, none of this will happen today, or possibly even 
tomorrow. I am grateful for all the help everyone has given me, 
but right now I have to get some other higher-priority things 
done before I can come back to trying to solve this problem.

Thanks again.

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