Dapper Beta Broke Suspend on the Dell Latitude D810

Nadeem Bitar nadeem at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 16:26:22 UTC 2006

For me it goes to sleep fine and never wakes up but, unlike you, my screen
does not light up and I have some heavy disk activity.

On 4/23/06, C Hamel <yogich at sc2000.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 23 April 2006 23:16, Nadeem Bitar wrote:
> > Suspend worked perfectly on my Dell Latitude D810, but it started having
> > problems when I upgraded to Dapper. It completely broke last week after
> > the latest update. Is anyone experiencing a similar problem with their
> > laptop?
> I have an HP ze5570 notebook & it has always hibernated --both Breezy
> & Dapper-- but has never suspended properly.  It will go to sleep just
> fine,
> but never wakes up.  Someone said they thought it was the ATI graphics
> card.
> I'm not so sure it is that simple.  My box's screen lights up but nothing
> else happens --no disk activity of any kind, either.
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