wireless requires network restart

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sun Apr 23 20:30:17 UTC 2006

Toby Kelsey wrote:

> I've recently switched to using a wireless connection with a broadband
> router.
> When I boot my machine (daily) the wireless initially doesn't work.  I
> have to
> do 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart' to get it to function.  Here is
> what deamon.log shows today after booting:
> Apr 23 16:03:20 localhost NetworkManager: <information>^Istarting...
> and here is my /etc/network/interfaces file:
> iface ra0 inet dhcp
> wireless-essid *****
> wireless-key *****
> #wireless-mode Managed
> auto ra0

Well, you're using network-manager, which doesn't coexist well with anything
in /etc/network/interfaces for a wireless card, so that would be my first

You could try removing everything about ra0 from the interfaces file ("auto
ra0" looks especially wrong - I've never auto'ed the wireless interface),
or removing network-manager.

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