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Dave Scott DaveScott at
Sun Apr 23 20:07:51 UTC 2006

Contents look good so far. I'd like to see a bit more about 
virtualization. I'm working with (Windows) VMware player using ISO 
install and live images to create linux VM's for testing. Some of the 
images of flavors of ubuntu out there end up making the test almost 
worthless. Signons and passwords are required in some cases, yet the 
docs don't indicate what they are. One of the VMs I have doesn't allow 
running full screen. Whenever I click the maximize icon, the window 
jumps to full screen and then immediately returns to around 640x480. 
Another image is larger than my 17" LCD even after I've jacked up my 
Windows res to 1152 x 864 and requires frequent scrolling to bring 
clickable elements into view. It's a bit of a pain to switch back and 
forth between inside the emulation and then cntl-alt to go outside it.


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Mark Stone wrote:

>I wanted to let you know that there is another Ubuntu book in the
>works, this one specifically focused on Ubuntu for desktop users. I'm
>tentatively titling this "Desktop Linux with Ubuntu", and it will be
>published by Manning Press ( later this year
>(hopefully post-Dapper but pre-Eft).
>I have a Wiki up with the working table of contents at
> I do some occaisional
>blogging on Ubuntu, Linux, and open source at
>It would be great to have some thoughtful feedback on this,
>particularly in several areas:
>- common installation or upgrade problems people have experienced;
>- common issues with device/peripherals support people have experienced;
>- general thoughts on who the real target audience is for desktop
>Linux in general, and Ubuntu as a desktop solution in particular.
>Manning will be looking for technical reviewers for the manuscript at
>some point. I'd be happy to pass on names of those qualified and
>interested to my editor when the time comes.
>-Mark Stone

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