UBUNTU and Road Runner

Robert Wallace robert at siliconchaos.com
Mon Apr 24 03:21:27 UTC 2006

I also run Road Runner with no problems, which there shouldn't be. As
jassmuzik said, the provider should impact connectivity or performance. If
you use a router you will get your connectivity to the network from the
router, and if you connect directly to the cable modem you will be provided
network connectivy by the modem (the modem has a built in router and dhcp
server for upto 32 clients if pluged into a switch -- at least with the
motorola modem I have).

On 4/23/06, Patrick Siglin <poison at list.memphistw.org> wrote:
> alex wrote:
> > After doing an admittedly cursory check on this list, there doesn't
> > seem to be anyone using Time Warner Cable's Road Runner.  Does anyone
> > know of any problems
> > with Road Runner in UBUNTU or Linux in general?
> >
> > alex aka elmo
> >
> I use road runner. No problems.
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