Question, Re: bug 40983

C Hamel yogich at
Sun Apr 23 23:34:09 UTC 2006

The following...
...has a complete explanation & contains the hunt for the bug's trigger.  What 
I do not yet know is how to keep the kde-guidance0.6.4 pkg in place rather 
than updating to kde-guidance0.6.5.  I do not know if keeping said pkg in 
place will make any difference or not... I only know that the update triggers 
this bug ...and it's a nasty one if one has less than excellent vision.

I am have been using 'apt-get dist-upgrade' for all updates as per a thread 
that appeared in this forum suggesting that it was the safest way to 
update --and having had problems, myself, using any other method.  And, if 
one uses 'Adept' for updating, is it just as simple as deselecting that one 
update, or not?  B-4 I start this experiment it would be helpful to know that 
much, at the very least.

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