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Elijah Lofgren elijahlofgren at
Sun Apr 23 20:26:57 UTC 2006

On 4/23/06, Jean-Eric Cuendet (RPT) <jec at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a tool to generate static pages with photos?

Yes, gThumb can generate some nice looking web albums.

Here's how to create a nice web album with gThumb:

1. Open gThumb by going to: Applications -> Graphics -> gThumb Image viwer
2. On the left, navigate to the folder containing the pictures you
want in your web album.
3. On the right, select the pictures that you want to use (Ctrl+A to select all)
4. From the menu choose: Tools -> Create Web Album
5. Next to "Destination click on the drop-down box to choose a folder
where you want your web album created.
If you want the web album created in a new folder do this (you probably do):
    A. Next to "Destination:" click on the drop down and choose "Other..."
    B. Create a folder and then click the "Open" button.
6. I would check: "Copy originals to destination" so that the folder
will be ready for upload.
7. To make the album look much better choose a theme:
    A. Next to "Theme:" click on the "..." button.
    B. Choose a theme ("Flicker" for example) and click the "Select" button.
8. Click the "Save" button to create you web album.
9. Now you can navigate to the folder where you created the album and
open index.html in Firefox to see what your new web album looks like.

Elijah Lofgren

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