Sme taskbar applets and dual-head

Karl Auer kauer at
Sun Apr 23 14:55:24 UTC 2006

Hi there.

Recently I went through the saga of getting a dual-head system running
on my laptop. I was successful, largely due to finding useful stuff on
the Web. However, I never did solve one problem, as follows:

I set up the dual-head system as two separate desktops. Not cloned, no
Xinerama. Each desktop was Gnome, each had its own task bar and so on. I
have several applets in my task bar, and wanted the same applets on both
desktops. In particular I wanted the trashcan, the windows buttons, and
the workspace switcher. Adding them to the new task bars was no problem,
but after a few minutes, one or more of these applets would "quit
unexpectedly". The options when that happens are basically to reload, or
to not reload. If I reloaded the crashed one, the other one (that is,
the one on the other desktop) would crash. Absolutely reliably, every
time. Reloading that one would then cause the other to crash and so on,
in a sort of sad ping-pong.

In the end, I just settled for using one of each, on one desktop. The
workspace switcher and trash were no major loss, but not being able to
get at iconised applications on one of the desktops except through
ALT-Tab is a real bore.

Regards, K.

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