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Loïc Martin lomartin3 at
Sun Apr 23 08:52:19 UTC 2006

Michael T. Richter a écrit :
> On Fri, 2006-21-04 at 22:04 +0200, Loïc Martin wrote:
>> If your session is in Chinese, you have scim input everywhere. If it's 
>> not, too bad, but atm you only have scim in apps that allow input method 
>> selection with a right click in the page (like gterm and gedit - and I 
>> know it's not gterm, but I'm too lazy to type the full name :) It 
>> *should* be gterm anyway :P ). You can set scim input everywhere (like 
>> OO) yourself, but that means reading some docs and editing a few files 
>> (if you're happy enough to have understood the docs, of course). Don't 
>> ask me though, I still use Breezy when I need to input Chinese (a 
>> hassle, but I least it works).
> Eh?  I've adjusted absolutely nothing, but I can use SCIM everywhere.  
> 你好吗?  That was a Ctrl-Shift away and in Evolution.  Another 
> Ctrl-Shift and I'm back in English.  I can do the same in any app that 
> can cope with UTF-8 input at all.  (Which is every app I use -- 
> including OpenOffice.org2.)
I'm quite interested in that, because it would solve my pbs in Dapper. 
As mentionned, the pb is in Dapper, so could you please precise if you 
installed Dapper from scratch (and then which Flight) or upgraded from 
Breezy to Dapper (in what case that would be more understandable).

In case you've installed Dapper from scratch, how did you install scim : 
using language selector or manually? And is everything else on your 
install standart (OO builds for example). Then, are you using an english 
desktop or another language? Which locales do you have installed? More 
inportant, are you using en_US.UTF-8 (which is the only supported by 
default) or another one, like me?

Thanks a lot for any information (I could then update

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