Setting up a second monitor

Jean Hollis Weber jean-ooo at
Sun Apr 23 05:12:07 UTC 2006

Karl Auer wrote:
> There is a chance that the card only duplicates the signal on the
> external interface. In that case you would only ever be able to see the
> same image (albeit possibly in more resolutions) on the external monitor
> that you see on the laptop's display.
> My definitely dual-head ATI Radeon 9600 shows up in lspci as only one
> entry, so the lspci output is not conclusive.
> If you can find out what the graphics card is, you should be able to
> google its features, and if dual-head is not one of them, then that's
> all she wrote.

In this particular instance, we *know* that my laptop is capable 
of dual-display with the external monitor as an extension of the 
built-in one, because that arrangement works perfectly under 
Windows. The laptop Daniel is using is (I believe) one of my 
older ones, and I'm fairly sure (though not 100%, as my memory is 
notoriously poor on this sort of detail) that I used it 
previously in the same way under Windows. So it's only a problem 
of getting it to work under Ubuntu.

Cheers, Jean

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