breezy -> dapper, some issues

cilynx ulist at
Sun Apr 23 02:33:00 UTC 2006

Before I go too far into this, I want to make sure we're on the same

USB key == USB stick drive?

I want to make sure I'm not troubleshooting a stick drive while you're
troubleshooting a biometric security thingy. =)

If 'hal' isn't running, does anything give you a reason?  Did you try
'apt-get install --reinstall hal'?  It shouldn't hurt at any rate. 
Also, check that 'gnome-volume-manager' is installed and up to date. 
Do you see anything about the stick in 'dmesg'?

Don't worry about the "I just want Windows back" crowd.  They'll always
be there waititng for you.  They just like having the same problems as
everyone else.  You get used to it.


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