Ubuntu/Edubuntu at FLISOL 2006

Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz.chile at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 23:35:03 UTC 2006

Last march 25th, many FLOSS warriors in 99 cities all over Latinamerica
coordinated one day of talks and install fests.

In Chile, one of the most important newspapers in southamerica, El
Mercurio [www.emol.cl] visited the event that took place in Santiago.
According to El Mercurio, Ubuntu was the star of the day :D !!
Also, a couple of CNN reporters shoot some video images for a
documentary about FLOSS development, afaik.

The event in Santiago received about 150 people who were curious about
this "crazy idea" about sharing the software and providing freedom to
users in all senses.

Of course, there are some picture I'd like to share with you all but do
we have a kind of media.ubuntu.com for such purpose?


Mauricio Hernandez Z.

irc.freenode.net | #edubuntu #edubuntu-es


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