X server error

aqua ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sat Apr 22 21:26:46 UTC 2006

>I believe I have only one BusID but I didn't want to dismiss aqua's 

>suggestion after (s)he took the time to try to thelp.

Was your second monitor pluged in when you run lspci? 

>From the man page:

BusID "bus-id"

This specifies the bus location of the graphics card. For PCI/AGP
cards, the bus-id string has the form PCI:bus:device:function (e.g.,
"PCI:1:0:0" might be appropriate for an AGP card). This field is
usually optional in single-head configurations when using the primary
graphics card. In multi-head configurations, or when using a secondary
graphics card in a single-head configuration, this entry is mandatory.
Its main purpose is to make an unambiguous connection between the
device section and the hardware it is representing. This information
can usually be found by running the Xorg server with the -scanpci
command line option.

Maybe the -scanpci option would confirm it. Finally, if it was my
hardware I would just try using a different bus id for the second
device, 0.2.1 for example, and see if I get a different error message,
but then it's not my hardware :)

This is unrelated, but I'm guessing if you use LeftOf you don't need
the 0 0 in the Layout section. What would be the point, just to tell
xorg that you want your left screen on the other side of the y-axis?


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