repartitioning USB Storage and U3

C Hamel yogich at
Sat Apr 22 20:11:33 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 April 2006 13:30, William Stephens wrote:
> Hello,
> I just got a new USB Flash drive and has this U3 junk on it.
> When I plug it in on my wife's win2k laptop it loads up fine and starts
> this annoying U3 launchpad thing.
> On my breezy it loads up fine and mounts a cdrom device at the same
> time. I'm guessing this is the U3 crap annoying me again.
> So in order to rid myself of this problem I ran cfdisk and deleted all
> the partition i saw and wrote a new one and then formatted it with mkfs.
> I got rid of some nonessential files on the drive, yet U3 crap is still
> there.
> I'm a linux newbie and not too familiar with cfdisk or mkfs. Everything
> is working fine, I just need help getting rid of this 30MB worth of crap
> I can't seem to find.
> William S.
Just a guess: have you used 'fdisk -l <dev>' to see if there are more than one 
partitions on that flash drive??
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