No console on Dapper

C Hamel yogich at
Sat Apr 22 20:09:51 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 April 2006 11:36, Sam Kaufman wrote:
> I've been running Dapper Drake Flight 6 for the past week or so, and
> I've noticed that if I hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 (or F2, F3, etc.) to get to a
> console, all I get is black.  It's not a backlit, blank console... my
> monitor just seems to shut off.  If I hit Ctrl+Alt+F7, I'm back to X.
> I'm not sure where I should look to research this issue.  Does anybody
> have any pointers?
This isn't a fix, but a possible work-around:  I noted that after switching to 
VT1 (CTRL-ALT-F1) I was able to get the VTs to work by holding down the left 
ALT key & the right-arrow and let the windows cycle past for a bit.  When I 
stopped, I had my VTs back.  That only happened a time, or two, after an 
upgrade, as I recall.

Perhaps someone else will have a better answer. :-)

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